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For years I told myself it would be awesome to be a
musician. But ‘my job was too important’; ‘important
family issues were in the way’; …

Until I realized it won’t happen if I don’t try.

So this is me; trying to be a musician. One experience at a time.

Amsterdam with Pablo

Amsterdam (23-26/5/2015)

My new years resolution: 10 busking trips in 2015

So, this is the first time i’m trying to busk..


I walked around for about half an hour when I found a first spot where I could play. But it took me another two hours to muster up the courage to actually go there and install my gear…

At the start I was scared of the police, and when a cop car pulled in just next to where I was playing, I thought my first police encounter was in the making. But it turns out the Amsterdam police doesn’t mind about buskers at all.

My luck! During my first set, a demonstration against the TTIP passed by. And wow, they were generous..

Everything about that day was great: really lovely bridges to be playing music, meeting nice people.

In the evening I went to Anne and Pablo, who were so kind to host me in their couch! Pablo even picked up his trumped and we got into a jam!

Jamming with Pablo

At night Anne and Pablo took me to a café with some of their friends. It felt like I was already being a part of Amsterdam, and I only got there around noon that day.

Next day I went busking at the Vondelpark on a small fairylike bridge and some spots in the center before going to Amsterdam Noord, where I met up with Jef and got hosted by Arlinie and Andries.

Turned out Arlinie was just pregnant the time she hosted us (she didn’t know yet at the time). Yay!


To summarize: my first busking trip was amazing, yet very challenging. Every time you get up to a place to play I got the uncomfortable feeling of pinching myself through some kind of bubble. As if I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing.

London busking (27-28/06/15)

Busking in London was an absolute nightmare on the first day. Police and security kept pushing me from one place to another. Even when I was playing sitting on a bench, withouth an amp, without having a case open for collecting money. I couldn’t even play a full song in public just for the sake of singing a song.
At some point I started wondering to stop this crazy
idea of trying to be a busker and find a more useful
thing to do with my life.

Thankfully my couchsurfing host (Vanessa) that I met that evening was amazing. She passed on some wisdom: ‘Just look at your life as if it is a movie, and you are the hero of the movie. What would you want the hero to do right now’?

AND she happened to be a ukulele player! I played this on her lovely tenor uke:

The second day of busking in London was a blast. The policemen that did walk/drive by actually gave me a thumbs up or wished me a good day. WHuut? When I was just sitting and playing on the grass in a park one guy offered me cake from a church partie that just finished, and a whole bunch of friendly people passed by that day.

Me: Can I play in front of your shop with my ukulele? Guy from Tesco: Sure, why not?
Me: Can I play in front of your shop with my ukulele?
Guy from Tesco: Sure, why not?

Midsummer busking (07-15)

  • Playing on Brussels rooftop


  • Busking in Ghent for an afternoon! Spending the money immediatly on sangrias together with Toon (a fellow student/musician who happened to walk by).


  • Swiftly followed by drunk dancing in the street and celebrating midsummernight.


  • Creating some background music in the streets of Avignon.


  • And the making of a painted-stick-inspired song



On the road busking (08/15)

  • 25th birthday under the Kölner Dom…

Meeting a lot of spontaneous people

A place with wonderful acoustics

  • Playing music on the Serbian border
  • Busking in Oxford next to Steve, a street artist that draws chalk paintings on the streets for a living. He Minion-ised me!!!


Steve's Minions
Steve drew all of these while sitting behind them. That means he drew them upside-down!
By the time I finished playing, Steve made a Minion-me!